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troublesome two [o]

on Wed Jul 04, 2018 10:50 pm



skoll! where are you, you idiot! barked the white princess of.. well nothing. we're supposed to be beginning my training you oaf.. here she was, as agitated as ever because of one thing, and one thing only - her brother. skoll had a tendency to forget about his plans with his sister, and instead stayed up all night in search of food and water to satisfy them. floss was hungry, her stomach grumbled like the downpour of rains, and she became easily annoyed during these times - but skoll never seemed to learn.

for now the troublesome two laid rest within an abandoned cave of sorts, one that was just deep enough for the two of them to take shelter from the rainfall that was to follow the setting of day.

despite floss being one year of age, she knew she had much to learn - and most of her training came from her brother, when he remembered. scurrying back and forth outside their temporary, humble abode floss skidded and came to a stop. ears perked and before she knew it, there it was... the sound of... skoll's snooring.

wake your lazy arse up! its daytime! lesson time! hurdling over to where her brother lay she attempted to wake him, starting with pulling at his tuff, followed by his left ear that was resting on the cool ground of the cave.

come... uf .. on!

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