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Pack: Echavion
Gender: Born Male, Female Identifying
Alias: Lynx
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Metsä Stäjä

on Tue Jul 10, 2018 4:10 am
Full Name: Metsä Stäjä
Nickname: Mets
Played By: EurasianLynx/Lynx
Age: 2
Sex: Male
Gender Identity: Female
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual (in accordance with Gender Identity)
Romantic Orientation: Homoromantic (in accordance with Gender Identity)
Pack: Echavion
Rank: Kynigós
Father: Unnamed Male NPC
Mother: Unnamed Female NPC
Siblings: Unnamed Female NPC, Unnamed Female NPC, Unnamed Female NPC (deceased)
Relatives: N/A
Mate: N/A
Pups: N/A


Black and grey, a shadow is all she seems.

But the eyes are glimmering forest canopies. Not emeralds, no. She left the mountains and their jewels behind long ago. She left behind the misty pine trees and cool mountain slopes. They are the eyes of the forest now.

The pelt looks as though a black wolf, a creature of the dark and caves was dusted with ash, and that those sulfurous, molten cinders burned their way into her hide, draping her in the searing clouds of smoke.

Body masculine, large indeed, stretching tall and rippling with muscle. Voice deep and rumbling, growling out from deep within the chest, yet female she calls herself, despite her body dictating otherwise.

She is not a man, but a mountain, and so her body has simply found the best way to display her as such.

To sing the song of the mountain that fell down, down, down...


Coming Soon!


"Mama, where did you grow up?"

The curious pup tilts their head up at their mother, tucked between her paws from where she had been watching over the little scamp as they clambered about her. Her wife was busy at the moment with the other pups, and she had been delegated to watch over this youngster. Her smile was soft as her deep voice rumbled.

"Why, in the mountains, like I've always said."

Her voice sounded like the voice of the mountains themselves.

Still, the pup looked confused.

"Yeah, but not these mountains. You always say you're not from the Ashwinder."

Metsä nodded in agreement, smile still in place.

"That's true, I came from a mountain range very far away from here."

The pup braces their forepaws against her chest, rearing up to meet her face to face. She has always been very large, and even with her strong genes in this little one, they had yet to reach her height, even as she lay down, reclined and relaxed.

"Why did you leave?"

Something flickers across the mother's green gaze for a moment, but the pup doesn't catch it before she quashes it, smile instead taking an almost lamentful twist as she considers.

"Well, my child, did you know that fire gods sleep under the mountains?"

Those large eyes are so confused.

"What do you mean? Like the one said to live under the Crater?"

There's a reason that place sparks a hint of fear in her, even now.

"Yes, just like that."

She can see them now. A sprawling range of slopes decorated with pine trees. Mist draped the forest like a silken cloak and clouds danced around the peaks like crowns.

It was beautiful.

Then one day, it wasn't.

The sun bled red on the horizon of her homeland as she began to sing, voice rumbling with a tale of the mountain's fire god.

"Far over the misty mountains cold..."

They had lived their for eons untold. The caverns within the mountains were their stronghold, the walls decorated and adorned with the finery and painted tales of those long past, added to every day by the force that dwelled within.

"To dungeons deep, and caverns old."

The mountain had been rumbling every now and then for over a lifetime. No one thought much of it, nothing had come of it yet. But something in Metsä's father stirred, and he startled like a wild beast that early morning, before rousing his family in a panic and ushering them towards the exit, forcing them to run as though hell itself was let loose upon their heels.

She could hear his words in that blood red dawn light.

"We must away, 'ere break of day."

The family ran, confused, but knowing deep within their bones that they were best to heed their sire's words, something in their blood whispering of burning, raging heat.

They left the rest of the pack behind.

All of their treasures and history to be lost.

"To claim our long forgotten gold."

Within minutes after the father had roused his wife and children, the mountain rumbled, and the fire god awoke.

"The pines were roaring on the height;"

A belch of smoke and the smell of sulfur and ash.

Heat unimaginable as the fire god roared and spewed forth from his molten jowls his rage.

One of Metsä's sisters perished due to the acrid smoke, her weak lungs, always so delicate, a healer in the making they said, unable to cope.

"The winds were moaning in the night."

They couldn't afford to go back for her or to even slow down and turn their heads.

She was devoured by smoke that burned her to ashes within seconds, that burned their paws to nothing but blackened blisters, and sulfurous heat that roused the forest on the volcano side into a cacophonous symphony of flaring heat and light.

"The fire was red; it flaming, spread."

It raced down through the trees, and it was all the family could do to stay ahead of the blaze that began to devour the place they had called home for generations.

They ran past a tree Metsä used to play in as a child.

It was gone before she even had time to blink.

Burnt to ash, just like innocence was that day.

"The trees, like torches, blazed with light."

They were the only survivors.

"Far over, the misty mountains grim..."

The rest of the pack perished before they even knew what happened, all that remained of them and their history smoke and sulfurous ash.

"To dungeons deep, and caverns dim."

All of their history was erased in one blood-red morning.

"We must away, 'ere break of day,"

Crushed under the wrath of a vengeful fire god.

"To win our harps and gold from HIM!"
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