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  • ashwinder mountains

    the ashwinder mountains earned their name from the grey appearance their slopes have at a distance, and the myths and legends this appearance sparked in the residents of the everglade. the ashwinder mountains are in fact a mountain chain that houses a currently dormant volcano, whose last eruption was many thousands of years ago. nonetheless, it has been passed down through the generations that the mountains house a sleeping fire god, though many do not believe this tale any longer. the slopes are quite fertile, and over the millennia have regained forests and life aplenty, coniferous trees and herds of elk making their living off of shrubs and grasses, but a large amount of tuff still exists in the mountains, being rocks made of volcanic ash, and erosion of these rocks can result in the ash-like appearance the mountains have at a distance. the Mountains are located in the north-eastern region of the land.

    sub territories: the crater

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  • vrasialion

    located on the western side of the ashwinder aountains, the vrasialion is a temperate rainforest. due to the mountain range corralling the wet air blown north from the southerly sea, vrasialion is home to a wide variety of plant and animal life. mosses, ferns, and some shrubs abound, and the forest itself houses both broadleaf and coniferous trees. In the summer, the canopy can cover as much as 95% of the ground below, offering incredible shade from the summer heat, although the humidity in this forest doesn’t make it much of a trade-off for some. vrasialion houses a variety of animal life, anything from insects, to frogs, to thrushes, to primates, to elk can survive in this forest.

    sub territories: ghost isles

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    Sun Jul 08, 2018 11:10 pm
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  • open-maw estuary

    sometimes just referred to as ‘the maw’, as far south as any wolf has dared to travel, there lies the sea. Meeting this sea, the inyoka river forms the open-maw estuary, where the freshwater river meets the saltwater of the sea, forming an area of brackish water. this estuary can be treacherous to traverse, as the erosion of the fast flowing river combating the waves of the sea makes for very unstable land. but within these waters, one may find any number of fish, as the transition from freshwater to saltwater leaves an incredible variety abundant for the picking as one travels down the length of the maw. areas prone to mangrove forests are often safer to traverse, as the roots stabilise the loose soils to an extent.

    sub territories: ulwan sea , inyoka , isles of the dead

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  • qothu desert

    barren. dry. hot. these three words are the primary descriptors used by the denizens of the qothu, and rightly so. it is a desert, and like most, it is primarily made up of seemingly endless reaches of sand. with very little plant life to mark the soil, one might see the occasional cacti, and unwary travellers may find their paws poisoned by the bite of sand-dwelling scorpions and reptiles, but there is little to break the monotony of this land. a few rock formations still remain, but most of the expanse has been blown to sand by the winds, and those who seek to find a life here must be incredibly clever, and vicious enough to strike down all competitors, lest they lose what precious few resources can be found. despite this, the qothu boasts a large amount of precious metals and gemstones, if one knows how to decipher the scarce rock formations clues to lead to underground caverns below.

    sub territories: anda , ensiuma

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