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on Thu Jul 05, 2018 12:33 pm

the leaders - they lead the pack through thick and thin, smooth and/or rough. they are strong willed and fluent in all ranks, someone special indeed, but they carry a heavy burden with them everywhere they go, no matter what.

second in command - they are the igétis' right hand, being there for them wherever they go. they tend to help with the politically stuff of the pack; feuds, relationships, etc., they are the ones you go to when you need a helping hand or a listening ear.

third in command - the igétis' left hand, essentially being an extra rank to help the défteros when they need it. these characters have the trust of both the défteros and the igétis through various ways, earning this rank.

hunters, gathers, and fishers - these characters gather the food for the pack — either it be by hunting, fishing, or scavenging! these characters are are strong and they have high stamina.

protect the territory and those within it - prostatis are usually the thick, strong, and lean canines that guard the territory and protect those within it. they patrol the territory's borders with simply one mission in mind: protect and secure.

healers - midiki's are the healers of all sorts, possessing a very unique talent to mend almost all who may aid. They apply medical knowledge and skills to the diagnosis, prevention, and management of injuries.

errand runners - these characters take up the excess tasks of the pack, and although they may not be in any specialised, formal rank, their presence is most certainly beneficial when it comes to the menial tasks.

In training - paidis are in no way unworthy, but are either too young to take on the duties of a higher ranking position, or are simply too inexperienced for much else and are working to change that. they are to be trained by the Leading Ranks.

lone creatures - until a canine has been accepted into the pack, they roam the lands a drifter, or loner. they have little to no formal privileges and are owed absolutely little to no authority until their acceptance is deemed worthy.


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