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floss | f | paidi

on Tue Jul 03, 2018 10:51 am

F L O S S - R O S E -  A S G U Á R D I

T H E - B A S I C S
name: floss rose asguárdi
nickname/s: flossy
gender: female
age: one year
sexuality: heterosexual
group: veritate
rank: paidi
theme song: n/a

T H E - L O O K
floss possesses an unusual pelage, begin that the base of it mostly consists of a ivory hue. she has very visible markings - a dark ebony snout, two vertical lines above her eyes, and two horizontal lines to the side of her eyes. regarding eye coloration, floss' are a dark hazel, and on her left eye, you will find an unusual black birthmark which rests just below her pupil. as floss grows older, her pelt coloration will only change slightly, being that her darker hue markings will begin to grow lighter - this also happens during seasonal changes. 

with her being so young, her frame is very small and lean - though she makes up for this with her speed and stamina. floss' pelt grows thicker during the winter, and then begins to thin during summer - her pelt keeps her warm/cool throughout the different seasons. upon fully maturing floss will grow, thus becoming the averagely sized wolf the only major difference would be that her fur length is slightly longer than most other wolves.

T H E - D I S P O S I T I O N
i n t e l l i g e n t
although young in age, and at heart - floss possesses ample experience and knowledge on remedies and healing methods and the reason behind this would have to be her upbringing. floss knows not of her father, only that he aided her mother in her creation, though strangely she has developed an obsession for herbalism - and she will continue to possess this until her last dying breath. floss refuses to lose anyone else who she befriends - be them, family or friends.

e n e r g e t i c
due to floss still being within her youth/pup-hood she seems to have ample energy - and as unusual as it sounds the little wolf does not seem to tire easily meaning it takes her a lot longer to get to sleep. it can be deemed annoying, and floss tends to get into trouble far more easily.
as troublesome as her energetic trait may seem, floss has a big heart when it comes to family and friends. she tries her best to maintain a good relationship with both, and can become quite entertaining.

f e a r l e s s
being easily targeted due to her being so young and vulnerable, floss has grown to become quite the fearless lioness, and as majestic as it may sound being as courageous as she is, floss - as stated before, tends to get herself in trouble fairly easily. despite this she refuses to show fear to anyone, she goes the distance to seek out others, and help those who are in need of aid - be it a dangerous task or not.

g e n t le
although fearless, floss is a gentle soul and this is evident in both her body language and attitude. despite the little wolf getting into troublesome matters more often than not, she is kind, loving and sweet natured. she tries her best to keep those close to her happy, but sometimes her attempts fail her. much like her mother floss is very helpful when it comes to assisting and aiding those in need and in doing so she gains ample respect which is evident when with fellow pack mates.

c l u m b s y
being as energetic as her, there is always a downside, which in floss' case is clumsiness. perfect poise does not always mean perfect and well balanced. thankfully she shakes off the many scratches and scrapes she comes across. and these are well hidden beneath her thick coat. upon getting this little wolf to sleep - waking her up is no problem, however it does take floss a little longer to come around. after waking up her clumsiness is at its worst.

showing off also results in minor casualties - being that she tends to act before thinking, disregarding any dangers that she may or may not come across.

i m p a t i e n t
you may also find this little fluffball to be an impatient girl. time in her book is important, and when discussing serious matters, and/or other things she tends to go with the first thing that pops into her little head! decision making is time consuming in floss' eyes, so she tries her best to avoid those matters. hunts tend to go wrong also - especially because she is so impatient, she's one to go straight for the kill. although easily annoyed & frustrated, floss' intelligent and gentle traits make up for it.

T H E - A N T I Q U I T Y
asguárdi | [brother]

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