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skoll | m | prostátis

on Tue Jul 03, 2018 10:32 am
S K O L L - L U I S - A S G UÁ R D I

T H E - B A S I C S
name: skoll luis asguárdi
nickname/s: kol, luis, ardi
gender: male
sexuality: straight
group: veritate
rank: prostátis
theme song: n/a

T H E - L O O K
skoll is protected by a layer of dense fur, the majority of it being cream hue. exceptions consist of his nape/ chest tuff, above his eyes and the top of his crown being a slate colour followed by a mixture of cream and ivory hues. his pupils are a golden colour, surrounded by a black outline. appearance wise he is above average for male, arctic wolf, weighing in at 42 kg. he stand's at roughly 40 inches and is largely and heavily built, his strong muscles and large paws enable him to withstand most combatants. during the winter his coat thickens which most view as intimidating, though skoll is as soft as they come in regards to personality. colour wise his coat hue does not alter, though his underbelly darkens during the warmer seasons. he is the largest the three asguárdi siblings, however this does not stop them attempting to overcome his sheer brute strength and bulk frame. skoll is the only blood brother of his two sisters, tahlia and floss.

T H E - D I S P O S I T I O N
q u i c k  t h i n k i n g
skoll is a quick thinker, and there are often times when one becomes confused and lost within a singular state of mind. though how does one conquer this? skoll possesses ample intellect meaning everything is easily understandable to him. you could say he had power over the minds of others when in a debate, but that's not always the case. he may be a quick thinker, but despite his intelligence regarding responses, his actions often get misinterpreted and this in his case is deemed manipulative.

r e a s o n a b l e
although reasoning with comrades and other's can sometimes lead to regret - skoll tries his best to ensure the safety of not only himself but also his family and friends - if concluding problems with reason means all will be without harm he tries his best to do so. skoll has lost one too many friends, and he is not willing to relive his suffering.

t r u s t w o r t h y
despite the individuals that deem him manipulative, skoll is highly trustworthy and a promise is a promise to him - kept until his last dying breath. he is no traitor, and as for those who are? their presence is not taken lightly. some may fear his nobility, but most think highly of him because of the ample respect he holds for those close to him - be them of blood relation or not.

d e t e r m i n e d
power is not what skoll thrives off, he cares little for quarrelling with others and focuses on making peace with all those he can - be them an enemy or comrade. he is decisive when problems arise, and for the most part, his choices/actions are taken into consideration - thus resolving them. he does not wish to command anyone, he just states his own opinions. if they are not shared, who's to say the realm's peace will not be disrupted? a lesson to be learned from skoll is that holding back is a weakness. you must speak your mind and overcome the fear of voicing personal opinions.

c a r i n g
above all, skoll is a caring man. although he may not show it as often as he should, his love for others is a bond almost as powerful as the one he has for his family - and though perhaps not blood-related, he regards all trustworthy comrades a part of his family. children are one of few weaknesses when it comes to skoll, and although knowing of his sire, who was not the best candidate for his childhood, he is father-ready. and should any harm come to children of his own, or of his 'pack', those who do so will not live to see the next day. despite being a perfect candidate for a patriarch - he rarely shows his affection for his female partners, though this is for their own safety.

T H E - A N T I Q U I T Y
tahlia asguárdi | sister
floss asguárdi | sister

coming soon

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