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Pack: Echavion
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rhiane | f | igétis

on Tue Jul 03, 2018 10:05 am
R H I A N E - A N E T T E - H A R T

T H E - B A S I C S
name : rhiane anette hart
nickname/s: rhi
gender: female
age: four years
sexuality: pansexual
group: veritate [to be created]
theme song: n/a

T H E - L O O K
much like her brother, rhiane sports a coat of creams, ivory, hazel and tan hues, her coat is slightly more defined, and her fleece like undercoat is tainted almost wholly with a tan tint. her legs are long and slender, and this helps when thoroughly scouting pack boarders - it also makes a great getaway for whenever she comes across any trouble. size wise, rhiane is slightly under average, standing 28 inches shoulder height - she is roughly two inches smaller than her brother, weighing 118lbs. large auburn eyes help her when on her daily pack duties, especially during the evening when she is most active.

T H E - D I S P O S I T I O N
f r i e n d l y
rhiane tends to make friends far more easily that her brother virion, and this is because she is seemingly open to strangers regardless of her knowing them or not. to gain one's trust, sometimes you have to go that extra mile, and what world would this be if rhiane did not try? although gaining friends seems as easy as ever, go against friendly accords and feel not only the wrath of her but of her brother's too.

h o n e s t
honesty might come across to some as a negative trait, to be blunt and fearless of response is one way of referring to integrity. however, you will find that rhiane never lies, nor is she secretive about gained knowledge or information. be careful when telling this she wolf of your darkest secrets - because despite her gaining your trust, she can become quite the chatter box with others and information you may not have wanted others to know, might accidentally be passed along. know that it's not her intention to burden you with her nobility.

s u b m i s s i v e

despite rhiane being larger than the average female wolf, she held no reign above anyone - not even her brother.  virion, rhiane has come to be quite submissive during certain encounters, and this is because she always seems to fear the worst from a first glance. she is jittery and tends to walk back and forth before deciding on whether or not to approach said strangers. despite her neutral nature and dominant rank, she is almost always hunched low with her tail wavering beneath her hind, especially around newer group members.

a n x i o u s
although friendly, rhiane is highly anxious around others - especially those she is not familiar with. who'd have thought a big fluffy wolf alike her self had even a sense of nervousness? her body will tense on the odd occasions, and her words may be slurred slightly - but give it time, and i'm sure rhiane will eventually warm up to you. her actions and words may be deemed weak, but believe me, this she wolf has many hidden strengths, she just needs the time to figure them out.

p o s s e s s i v e
much like her brother, rhiane has become quite possessive over her kin, especially virion despite their differences and clash of personalities. because of this, she can be deemed clingy, and you won't find her anywhere without her brother. rhiane tends to become jealous when friends, family and loved ones become intimate with another, and this can be noticed due to her change in actions.

T H E - A N T I Q U I T Y
cybil hart | [mother] 

nomad hart | [father] 
esper hart | [unknown sister
nevaeh hart [2nd sister]
virion hart | [brother
eins hart | [unknown 2nd brother
keita last | [neice
oberon vesperity | [uncle

strike = deceased
= adoptable
played by [name] = adoptee name

rhiane was born and raised in the western parts of canada, bore by her mother cybil, she and her brother virion were nurtured during the cold winter. their father nomad was the leading alpha during that time, and their mother alpha female. they led a peaceful life and fulfilled their pup-hood dreams, most of them anyway. but this all changed two years later. it was time for cybil's children to move on with life, to seek their others, and create a family of their own. the hart's pack was already big enough, with a member count of 19 wolves. this meant there were already more than enough mouth's to feed, and lives to take care of, alongside their own. cybil had also had her second litter of pups, and although rhiane was supposedly the next in line for alpha female, she turned it down and chose to venture off by herself. nomad and cybil doubted her decisions, but they did not stop her - this concludes rhiane's journey.

a year later the bashful she wolf still seeks friends, and hopes to begin a family of her own, she will continue to journey to the edge of tomorrow, and who knows who she may cross paths with. for now, rhiane takes refuge within an old, two legged encampment, hidden beneath ample shrub, a fading essence of what life used to be when they roamed the earth. to her, its a mystery but rhiane is keen to find out more.

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