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member guidelines

on Tue Jul 03, 2018 2:45 pm
member guidelines

Seasons are each two real-life months long, making one month equal to 20 in real days. They are set, but you can work with them in posts such as rainy or sunny weather, etc. 

Liquid time is allowed, but keep it realistic. Your wolf can't be in 10 places during one event.

There is currently a limit of 2 characters, anymore can be purchased from the shop. Only create what you can handle. If you have inactive characters they will be archived. Please post with each character once a week minimum.
Appearances are realistic.

No giants over 7ft tall, no midgets under 4 ft tall.

Ages: birth - 6 months, pups. 6 - 9 months, apprentices. 9 months - 3 years, teenagers. 3 - 5 years, young adults. 5 - 10 years, adults. 10 - 15 years, elders. 16 - 18 yrs, dead. The youngest character can be 9 months, the oldest can be 10.

You do not have to be a part of a pack, but it is encouraged if there are packs lacking members.

To create a pack you need four wolves including yourself. You can't rule without a claimed land first. You also need an organised table that includes the pack's information and members. Alphas can rule in any way he or she chooses. 

Alphas are required 5 IC threads before being deemed 'legal'.

Lands are claimable. When making a claim, challengers have 72 hours or 3 days to respond. If challenged, refer to the battle guide below.

Packs only claim ONE territory.

Loners are allowed to reside in any land but must suffer any consequences if caught.

High conception rates are during the winter.

There is no graphic breeding here. Please fade to black or imply breeding occurred.

In order for a breeding to be accepted and rolled, you must have a minimum of 3 IC threads plus a mating thread (think of it as first meeting, friendship, relationship, mating). Season will also determine if conception has occurred.

If a breeding is accepted, Staff will only determine the number of pups and health of each. The rest is up to you.

Challenges or battles will be determined based upon grammar, spelling, strength, and action. 

Keep the battles realistic. Your wolf can't dodge every blow, nor can it never tire. It is mortal like the rest of them. 

Each fighter has 3 posts to make their moves after battle is determined to begin. Please state below your post: 
Defense;; How your character defended themselves in the post. 
Offense;; Your wolf's action/attacks.

You will be graded on these subjects:
ATTACK: #/10

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