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roleplay tips

on Tue Jul 03, 2018 1:39 pm
roleplay tips

Hey there! So you've just started roleplaying on this awesome site but... you feel inadequate maybe because you can't post a lot (no offence intended). Have no fear! That's what this here quick guide is for!

So one of the biggest things I've noticed for many beginning writers (as well as tips I've learned in creative writing) is that writers are too afraid that they'll 'drag on' and have so many details that readers will get bored and skip over all their awesome writing. Well, in roleplaying, that's NOT the case! The more detail, the more ACTION-PACKED your post can be! Go ahead and put in every pounding detail until your heart races with your character. But anywho, if you're uncomfortable with that or not quite ready, let's start of with a few good beginner tips.

Surroundings. Here's the main one that boosts writers' confidence. Describe the weather, the feeling of grass beneath your paws, the sunshine beating down on your back. Live while you run through the lush, waving golden grass of the prairie and bring your setting to life. Use it in your posts. Get into the nitty-gritty detail, like the specific shade of grass. Keep things alive, don't let them seem too one-dimensional. (If you were paying attention, I gave you a good example in the above text )

Action. Here's another one. Don't be afraid of putting in a little detail here. Many would say this, quite simply: He ran through the waving gold grass. Another, more experienced, might put something like this: His body pulsing with adrenaline, the dark black wolf raced through the golden blades with his paws pounding into the dry prairie earth below. With a few more details, the same thing could be said, but better.

Thoughts and emotion. A lot of people (including myself) have trouble incorporating thoughts, emotion, surroundings, AND action into one post. If you have already done surroundings, and you've put in your action, you have one more step you can take. Add something a little more personal... Thoughts! What I do for this is I take "flash moments". Pause the action (set your character in a sitting position, as if to reminisce for example) and then give thoughts. Or, if in a heated action scene and on the move, pretend as if taking multiple snapshots and spurt in a few thoughts here and there. Would you like an example? thoughts, action, surrounding;

Nothing was worse than this. The winter bite froze the male's nose, turning his normally dark black coat to a mix of frosty gray. His narrow paws made no impact on the snow-encrusted ground, minus the few tracks made by his weight. Despite the ugly cold, the lifeless skeletons of trees, and the lack of living prey, it was nice to see the world sleeping again after all the turmoil it had been put through last season.

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