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harts adopts

on Tue Jul 03, 2018 1:33 pm
adoptions 2/2
here is a list of my current adoptable characters, the first two are members of the hart's linage including both rhiane's mother and her brother. if your interested let me know and we can see if we can come to agreements in terms of personality! appearance is free reign just nothing too outrageous as they need to look similar in relations to my girl rhiane.

name: cybil hart
age: seven years
references: one
about: one of three former members of the previous existing packs named echavion. during her time with members of echavion, cybil played the role of a hunter, and she was proven to be one of the fastest females within her delegated party. now she wanders the outskirts in hopes of finding shelter for her and her two pups; rhiane and virion, each with their own unique skill set and fate.
adopt open

name: virion hart
age: four years
references: one
about: virion is cybil’s son, twin of his sister rhiane. the twins know little of their father, though cybil their mother is well aware of the questions that will come upon the pair growing up. they are inseparable and share a blood bond like no other. virion will come to learn the ways of leadership and hopes that one day he can become a sovereign, alongside taking the role of rhiane’s protector.
adopt open

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