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site rules

on Fri Jun 29, 2018 11:52 am
site rules

I. The minimum length for posts is six sentences, Reason being we are a literate to semi literate pack and we do try our best help better out members posting and literacy skills. Be descriptive but NOT too descriptive, If you have a 1000 word post of just plain garbage, members will not grasp the most important parts of your posts.

II. If ever you feel the need to take care of something with another member don't hesitate to question us in the help thread, or message an member of staff. You may find most of your questions will be answered within the chat box when members appear online.

III. There is no character limit, however DO NOT take on more than you can handle. It is always better to have one or two creative characters that you enjoy using rather than four or five you hardly know.

IV. Do not injure another character without their permission. Fighting with pack members is frowned upon and not encouraged, however, it is allowed when permission is given from the members of staff. A pack can be claimed many ways. By challenging, by the present Alpha/s not posting, or becoming suddenly absent without notice. In relation to the Alpha/s being inactive the Pack & its territory becomes claimable, but in order for your wolf to claim a Pack &/or its Territory they need to have a total of 300 posts or more. This is purely so the during their promotion in rank Alpha/s do not become inactive . All challenges must be public events, As this allows all members to witness them. However they may not be present at the challenge nor can they interrupt it.

V. No mating/breeding is to happen in the RP. If you must role-play this, keep it in PMs. You are allowed to have mates and to have pups, but you may not describe the breeding process itself. The pack may have many mature members ranging from the ages 16-20+ but we don't want to know the details of your erotic events. If you and your mate want to have pups, message an Alpha/s and see if they'll allow it. Breeding takes place in winter and the birthing season is in spring. Wolves can have a total of 3 pups and cannot breed unless they are above 2 years of age and have over 200 posts. Again this is to keep our members active.

VI. Lastly don't take anything in the Role-play seriously it's all for good fun and creativity. We aim to make friends not enemies and If a problem occurs between players please keep it personal. If things get too abusive then report it to an Alpha/Staff Member.

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